6th FM Goods G.O

Group Order Info

EMS will be required later depending on how many people join this group order. The more people join the less EMS will be required. The shipping fee to ship item from me to you will be requested later on. Please choose [GROUP ORDERS ONLY] option for shipping method. EMS and shipping fee is different. EMS is to help with shipping to get the albums from Korea to me and shipping fee is from me to you. It is most important that the album price and EMS is paid as soon as possible so I could make the order for the albums right away. 


Item Price: [Depends on the item you want]

EMS: TBA [This will be divided amongst everyone who joins this group order]

Shipping Fee: TBA [This is payment for shipping the item from me to you]

If GOT7 Amino member, after the deadline, you will be added to a group chat for all updates and getting a chance to chat with fellow Ahgases!

Deadline: 03/12 12AM KST