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You Calling My Name

❛ Never say my name again ❜

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Cursed Goddess

❛ Cursed goddess- no one said it was easy being perfect ❜

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❛ Even if I am Trapped ❜

❛ I pray for your freedom ❜

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Fast Shipping and easy access to buy albums. Tracking Number was provided so that was a huge plus! Once received the item it was carefully wrapped in 2 layer of bubble wrap to show sincerity of KLSoEul and doubled checked to make sure all items purchased were received well! Amazing will order again.


My favorite group order was the one for Present: YOU signed albums, I had the pleasure and the opportunity to meet the best people and the amazing and beautiful leader Iqra / KLSoEul. Everything came to me in good condition, and on time. The waiting time is 2 - 3 days after the package was shipped, tracking number + constant updates on where our package is and when it will arrive, through email! Always available to answer any and all questions / comments! 


Updates were very good, before she would message you and tell you she received the albums & send your tracking number through email and keep you updated with the albums. As of now she creates a group chat for the group orders to keep everyone who participated updated. Since I live in the U.S. it only took two days to get to me and the whole package was in good condition when I opened it. I personally highly recommend doing a group order with her. She is a good leader and always wants to make fellow ahgases get merchandise at a low price & also to make them feel welcome.


My very first group order with KLSoEul was Present: You Signed album GO. I had questions as it was my first time. I received responses in a timely manner. I was walked through the process which made me do more group orders with her. Plus I got to know more ahgases! All great experiences!

Sandy T.