Finding GOT7

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Finding GOT7

Share your experience of how you found out about GOT7! What was your first comeback with them? Who is your bias and bias wrecker? What was your favorite moment with GOT7? Etc. Get a chance to be featured on this site! 


  • Jeannette

    This was the first time ordering from KLSOEUL. I ordered Yugyeom’s LP and I am so happy . They are so careful with packaging, they use tracking , add extras and are easy to communicate with. I am one happy Ahgase! Thank you KLSOEUL

  • AmayaFake

    First time ordering my first physical album BOL:LP and DYE and KLSOEUL responded quickly and even though it was during the busy Christmas season communication was always present. Album was wrapped so securely and the photocards were just the one’s I wanted and the gifted goodies were so adorable with the thank you cards(JB <3). She is professional and super reliable and will definitely going to recommend!

  • Maëva

    [Order from JB’s Alone exhibition] This was the first time I ordered I am so happy the package was presented well so nothing was damaged, always available by email for questions or help :D !
    Great project for people who could not attend the exhibition, the goodies are such a pleasure! With an optional small gift from you, card, it’s so nice !! ^^
    So thank you very much !!!

  • Mayra Macias

    I received my You Calling My Name albums. This is not my first GO with her. I continuously do my GOs with her since she communicates well with us on the status of our items. She carefully wraps the items to make sure that there is no damage. She even went out of her way to make sure that we get our albums just in time this holiday season. Who else would have done that?? She truly is a wonderful GOM. If you haven’t order from her, take my word, you should. No regrets.

  • Jaebeom's 2nd Mom

    Just received my Call My Name order and I was so thrilled. @KLSoEuL is my favorite GOM and I will be doing future GOs only with her. She is so careful with packaging, takes time to sort PCs and posters etc., uses tracking, adds in extras, has great communication, and there is never any drama! Got so many JB goodies! Happy Ahgase here on so many levels.💚🌴💚

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